Eddie and the Mail….

4 10 2011

Presented without comment.

Sealed with a smooch!

1 10 2011

Because folks have LOTS of free time…

29 09 2011

If they’d drop the h…

28 09 2011

And named him UGO (instead of Hugo), they wouldn’t have this problem..

UGO has more friends than we do.

27 09 2011

And here’s the proof. This is Lucy. She’s adorable, but don’t worry, UGO spreads the love around.

No, Monday is NOT the new Sunday.

26 09 2011

But, maybe, this video will make getting up and facing the week a little less painful.

Servicey Sunday!

25 09 2011

Have you ever spent hours contemplating all the waste your dog produces? Well, you’re not alone. This guy took it one step further and created a way to compost and re-use dog poop. The best part, it’s DIY!
You’re welcome…..

Here’s the original from our friends at The Bark.