Now, THIS Is What We Call A Pack!

25 02 2013

Does your pup have issues making new friends? We can arrange for “socialization” walks that will get her into the swing of things!

Everyone needs a best friend, even if it’s an Ape!

3 02 2013

Who else is going to give you grooming advice?

‘Tis the Holidays!

27 11 2012

Don’t eat too much pie.

21 08 2012

Don’t forget, in this hot sunny weather, your light colored dogs need sunscreen too! Apply liberally to noses and any other skin that is exposed. Then, apply some to yourself.

Does this look familiar? Some extra walks should be in your future…

17 02 2012

FREE SPAY/NEUTER! Tell your friends.

7 02 2012

Ugo wishes you all a Happy New Year!

4 01 2012